Melody Monarch

Monarch of Santa Fe offers collections of inimitable jewelry, which is wearable art that embodies the spirit of stylish, classic jewelry with deep meaning. The intricacy of the jewelry captivates elements of tradition, ancient legends, elegant floral patterns, spiritual elements of earth and her precious children’s symbolic names.

“My inspiration for creating each magical wearable art has been by the spiritual birth of each of my indigenous children as well as life in the high desert of the Southwest,” says Melody. “It is in this high desert where we are surrounded by fascinating cactus, resilient animals, colorful night skies filled with diamond colored stars and alluring flowers blooming on contours of the mesa–all of which provide me with the artistic drive to create distinctive jewelry.”

Each piece of jewelry is made with passion and offers a beautiful way of preserving indigenous culture through fashion-forward, wearable jewelry that is a form of art and expression.

Carry these family blessings with you and share your favorite jewelry pieces with friends, family and those whose gaze upon your beautiful Monarch of Santa Fe masterpieces.

For more information or to order a custom piece today, email or call (505) 819-3611

Mailing address: 903 West Alameda #511, Santa Fe, NM 87501

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