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Charming Princess Necklace That Will Impress Your Friends

End-year holidays approach us, and some of you may be scratching your heads and wondering what’s the most thoughtful and precious gift for your loved ones. Well, your search ends here! Presenting Monarch of Santa Fe’s Charming Princess Pink Thulite Stone Fairytale Necklace. The unique accessory features a series of gorgeous embellishments that represent the […]

Turquoise Is The Keynote To True Elegance

You’re a queen, a warrior, a lady, the goddess of your universe. While 2020 has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride (of the final destination kind), you have the power, freedom, and elegance to close the year under your terms! Monarch of Santa Fe’s exclusive elegant waterfall turquoise earrings is the ideal accessory for true champions such […]

Just Let me Adooooore you in Jewelry!!! Happy Valentines Day

I’m thrilled to share with you some of my wearable art creations, that are created with love and meaning, just for you!!! Creating each piece, I felt like I was re-living a childhood experience of a gift given to me by a boy with a bright smile, who had a huge crush on me in elementary […]

Meet The Monarch, Melody Sauceda

Melody Sauceda, the Monarch herself, carefully designs each piece out of the finest quality silver, each precious stones is cut with joy. Rare treasures such as Ancient mammoth bone, Instinct Dinosaur bone, Colorful turquoise and other Elegant precious stones create some of the most striking Heirloom Jewerly ever seen. Monarch of Santa Fe offers collections […]

Welcome to Monarch of Santa Fe

Thank you for visiting Monarch of Santa Fe, your source for artisanally crafted silver and precious stone jewelry. Indigenous designer and visionary, Melody Sauceda, is the Monarch herself, continuing a time-honored family tradition of creating wearable works of art. Her vision is fresh, elegant and timeless, and her designs add life, flare and class to […]

Monarch of Santa Fe

Unparalleled beauty. Unrivaled artistry. Unbelievably timeless. Uniquely you. The dazzling juxtaposition of colored stones, cut at daring angles and perfectly nestled together in a lush bed of gleaming silver, ignites curiosity, marvel and embraces culture. Inquisitiveness begs fingers to gently trace the inlay, feel the astonishingly smooth sets of each stone and gaze upon the brilliance […]