Turquoise Is The Keynote To True Elegance

You’re a queen, a warrior, a lady, the goddess of your universe. While 2020 has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride (of the final destination kind), you have the power, freedom, and elegance to close the year under your terms!

Monarch of Santa Fe’s exclusive elegant waterfall turquoise earrings is the ideal accessory for true champions such as yourself. It’s THE gift of the season for anyone confident and in charge of their style. These dangle earrings are handmade to perfection, combining the majesty of turquoise with quartz’s catalytic energies.

Turquoise offers wearers protection against negative environmental influences and takes the individual one step closer toward self-realization. The gorgeous blue gemstone is a welcome sight for those who continuously find themselves in a bit of a pickle. With the aid of Turquoise, there is no ocean too deep, no mountain too high – with all paths revealed and questions answered. 

The earrings’ clear and entrancing quartz crystal amplifies turquoise’s energies to multiply its effects (December is the month of giving after all!). Surprise your loved ones with this wearable pair of gems that promotes awareness, clarity, and unwavering elegance against all odds! 

Melody Monarch